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Andrew Musgrave impresses, Tilley close in Aspen and a great start to the season for Telemarker Jasmin Taylor.
Switzerland: Returning ISIS recruit sentenced to community services.
Zermatt; No guessing here.
Skiing in Zermatt.
The 10 most expensive Ski Resorts in Europe.
SKI, SUN & FUN! Sonnenskilauf vom Feinsten.
FATMAP launches on Android with exclusive 48 hour lifetime offer.

The New York Times has a full story on Zermatt Tourism. It features restuarants, hotel, things to do and stories. So for any story on Zermatt please go to...

Zermatt Travel is also a feature on the other side of the ocean. This time in the Telegraph. It has most of the same stuff on Zermatt and this is where
you will find it..

And if you want a guide to the skiing in Zermatt please go to
It has it all but this is from the Swiss Tourist Authority on MySwitzerland.

The Hotel Alex is going to have an Easter vacation special. They say at the Alex the skiing is good at this time of year. Go see what it's all about. All info can be found for the Alex at...

The summer season has started The gates of the Hotel Alex are open again, ready to welcome you to a wonderful summer in Zermatt! We are looking forward enjoying mild summer nights with gourmet pleasures More...

Zermatt Skiing Overview Zermatt is a resort where skiing visitors are really spoiled for choice.  There is skiing everywhere, and literally for everyone. Zermatt skiing is divided into a number More...


Is Zermatt pollution-free? I really don't think so but this report says
it is the first pollution free village in the world. See if you agree

Zermatt Summer More and Zermatt Summer Ski stories on

Try the Zermatt Museum for a glimpse into Zermatt's past

Air Zermatt held rescue training last year for India's Fishtail Air, Results here

The Ski Club of Great Britian moves their summer fun weekend from Tigne to Zermatt.
For dates and their collaberating ski tour operator please click here

Zermatt Stories

Zermatt Summer

Zermatt Golf

Zermatt summer photos

Zermatt summer skiing

Zermatt climbing

The Matterhorn

Zermatt Success

Zermatt Nightlife

Zermatt Winds of Change

Zermatt trekking

Zermatt Behind the  scenes

Biking on the Gornergrat

Zermatt Shopping

Zermatt summer map

Zermatt journey perhaps

Train Zurich to Zermatt

Get what you pay for

Zermatt Investment

Zermatt weather report

Ski mountaineering

Zermatt winter map

Zermatt Overview

Zermatt Winter photos

Zermatt ski terrain map

Zermatt skiing overview


Klein Matterhorn map

Klein Matterhorn


4,000 m. plus peaks map

Bistro car in Zermatt

The Gornergrat

Rothorn Gornergrat



How to get to Zermatt

Art at L'Atilier

Matterhorn Fascination

Zermatt Yacht Club

Wi Not?

Matterhorn Museum

Zermatt train ideas

Full steam to Matterhorn

Zermatt's New Lifts

Zermatt Insight

Zermatt German Info Zermatt Russian Info

Blog Zermatt Here

Zermatt panorama

Zermatt's mountains (1)

Zermatt's mountains (2)

Gornergrat 3100 m.

Zermatt web cams

Here is a live camera of Zermatt village

The Riffelberg with a great shot of the Matterhorn

This shows The Matterhorn in Zermatt. Well worth it on a clear day

Here's a shot of the Schwarzee again with The Matterhorn hovering over it

Zermatt - Matterhorn




Trockener Steg


Trockener Steg 2

 Zermatt - Church Square

Zermatt - Church

Zermatt - Station Square

Zermatt E-Brochures

Hotel Slide Videos

Zermatt Video Showcase

Your Views on Zermatt


Advertiser-sponsored Zermatt Slide Summer

Wikipedia's view of zermatt


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  • Old? Mebbe but so am
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